Financing Programs

We are the partner you need when purchasing new or used vehicles or equipment to reach your business goals and get the job done. We Recently Introduced Start-Up Trucker Financing/Loans and Trailer Financing/Loans

Financing Criteria


  • 660 Fair Isaac Score
  • 5 Satisfied Trade Lines
  • Oldest Trade Must Date Back At Least 5 Years
  • Five Years of Business/Driving Experience
  • No Open Delinquencies
  • No Bankruptcies
  • Liens or Judgments


  • 600 Fair Isaac Score
  • No Open Delinquencies
  • 5 Satisfied Trade Lines
  • Oldest Trade Must Date Back At Least 3 Years
  • Three Years of Business/Driving Experience
  • Ex-Bankruptcies need to be discharged for two years


  • 540 Fair Isaac Score
  • Minimal Open Delinquencies
  • 3 Satisfied Trade Lines
  • Oldest Trade Must Date Back At Least 2 Years
  • Start-Up Companies
  • One Year Driving History Preferred
  • Bankruptcies need to be discharged
  • Tax Liens -- Paid or Settled

NCC's Goal

NCC's Goal is to provide its customers with a comfortable custom financing program. The creativity of our company can open new and innovative funding options for our customers. We finance all commercial and construction equipment loans and other types of equipment under $250,000.00, and we are open to new ideas that our customer and vendors may wish to explore. Our credit decisions are made within 48 hours upon receiving a complete credit profile, and we will find a way to approve nearly everyone, including start-up businesses! In our credit decision process, NCC looks beyond credit scores to find the true value of each customer's business. Through our ingenuity, we explore all options until we find a way to finance credit applicants.

Direct Customers

You and your business are unique, which is why the financing solutions you choose should be just as unique---specialized custom financing programs are what we do best to meet your business needs!


NCC will provide franchise dealers, equipment manufacturers and distributors with a comprehensive vendor financing program to help achieve increased sales and higher margins. NCC will help train your sales force on using financing options as a sales tool. NCC will handle all the paperwork along with other administrative functions associated with our financing programs.

Why Choose Northland Credit?

Industry Expertise -- With over forty years of commercial financing experience, our team is poised to handle any situation as it arises, and we ensure that no essential detail ever goes overlooked.

Unparalleled Approval -- We're proud to show that we provide 95% of our applicants with credit approvals. It's our goal to obtain an approval for everyone, including many small businesses and startups who need funding the most.

Efficient Processing -- Northland Credit Corporation provides the capital resources that businesses need, when they need it. Our credit approvals often process within 48 hours.

Introduced New Services -- Northland Credit Corporation introduced new financial services k/a Start-Up Trucker Financing/Loans that business demanded, also gives equipment finance on Trailer Financing/Loans.

Custom Financing Programs -- Whatever your situation, schedule, or budget is, we can provide a customized financing program just for you.

Superior Service -- Beyond financing, our expert team is happy to provide ongoing business strategy consultations, while also making it easy to get through the application process. Enjoy friendly customer service every step of the way!

How do you get started?

Call your NCC representative today and he or she will start immediately on tailoring a financing program to help you increase your sales and your profits.

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